Day Out Essentials

I wake up early every day. I’m used to it by now- well, mostly. Somehow I realize about 20 minutes from home that I’ve forgotten something. Sometimes it’s innocuous but sometimes it’s something really important. So now I try to lay out everything I need the night before. It’s foolproof. (almost).

I thought I’d share one of my layouts for a full day out. First thing I make sure I have is my purse- which contains my driver’s license. That’s a big one, folks, I’ve made that mistake. I love leather bags. If you want to drop some serious cash, Nordstrom has a beautiful shoulder bag. You can get it here.

Once I can legally operate a motor vehicle, I make sure I have my phone and tablet or laptop if I’ll need to be doing some work…or blogging.

And of course, you have to wear clothes in public, today I wanted to walk the line between casual and really casual so I opted for some boots- these are from our 2016 Fall line and they are oh so comfy. My striped hoodie is also from the Fall line and is so soft that I have 3 of the same ones… the same color. Touch one for yourself and you’ll understand.

As always, visit the store to snag the items I mentioned. And tell me, how do you make sure you have everything you need? Let’s chat.




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