Unparalleled Apparel started in a department store. More specifically, it started when I walked through a department store and picked up item after item of gorgeous clothing that costed half my rent. As I left empty handed I wondered if there was anything a broke college kid could do about this. (Hi, that’s me.) Long story short, countless late nights, bribing friends for help with pizza, and implementing that design degree finally spat out something workable. Unparalleled Apparel is the latest styles, quality materials, and personal service for the average person. This blog became my outlet for sharing my adventures, business related and not, and lets me stay connected with the people who I wouldn’t be here without- our customers. So if you’re new- hey there, welcome. Look around- find something you like. If you’re not new, welcome back, I’m glad you still like reading my words and sharing my dreams.

-Anna (Banana) Underwood

Founder- “Unparalleled Apparel”