Some Boots Are Not Made for Walking


Story time. I’m a pretty active person. I mean I’m not an Olympic athlete by any means- but I try to exercise pretty regularly. A few years ago I went on a day hike with some friends. Nothing too arduous, a pretty moderate hike. Everything was going great until descending one hill. Things were a bit slick and I was a bit eager and and I took the expedited route down the hill. (I fell, guys.) When I reached the my destination, covered in mud, I realized I felt a slight breeze on my foot. I looked at the bottom of my boot only to realize I was sole-less. I apologize I couldn’t pass that pun up. Needless to say the hike back was drafty and a little wet, and I was forced to part with my favorite boots.

It’s reasons like that that made me really test out our line of boots before release. I literally told some people to take a hike. I finally found the materials and designs that would hold up on unsteady turf, mud, rocks, and whatever else your feet might walk on. Oh, and they’re pretty cute, too.

So grab a pair and take a hike. Beware of inclines.